Black Sabbath Gets a Raw Deal From Their Fans

It all started on National Metal Day (11/11/11). At a press conference at The Whisky in Hollywood Black Sabbath announced that they were reuniting with all four original band members to record a new album and launch a tour in support of the album. Since then as most people know things have come a bit unglued.
Toni Iommi has been diagnosed with lymphoma, Bill Ward has expressed his displeasure with the contract presented to him and the tour that was to be the metal event of the year has now become “The Ozzy and Friends Tour.” In the last month I have read more ignorant/uninformed posts than I could ever care to read. It’s quite sad really that the fans are missing the point in all of this.
There are many who support Bill Ward and his decision to sit out the reunion until what he feels is a suitable contract is presented to him. There are also many calling him greedy and feel that he should just move on with things, sign the contract and join the band in England. There are also those who blame Sharon Osbourne, (Ozzy’s wife and manager) for causing everything to become unraveled.
I have not seen Bill Ward’s contract and I’m quite sure that all of those out there commenting on the Sabbath situation haven’t seen it either. How can anyone judge one way or another what Bill Ward should do? It’s his contract and his decision; end of story. As for the people who are accusing Sharon for somehow being responsible for this, shame on them. I don’t know Sharon and would never assume anything about her role in this if indeed she has any role at all; in the end none of this matters.
Toni Iommi is fighting for his life and all the so-called Sabbath fans seem to care about is that they won’t be able to see Sabbath take the stage. It’s sad when people put their own selfish interests above humanity. Sabbath fans should be keeping Iommi in their thoughts and prayers rather than bitching about who is screwing over who in the Sabbath camp.
I respect Bill Ward’s decision as it is his decision to make and only he knows what is best for him. I also respect Toni, Ozzy and Geezer. Those who wish to continually bash Sharon Osbourne fail to realize that there might not be an Ozzy if it wasn’t for her. He easily could have drank himself to death back in 1979 in his hotel room if Sharon hadn’t found him and lit a fire under his ass to kick start his solo career.
Whether Sabbath reunites again is not important, it’s Toni’s recovery that matters. We should all be sending him our best wishes for a speedy recovery rather than slamming various members of the band under the cloak of Internet anonymity. The members of Sabbath have earned their place in music history and do not owe their fans a single thing. This whole idea fans have of self-entitlement is ludicrous and needs to stop. A human being is fighting for his life as I type this and it saddens me that so many Sabbath fans are shamefully overlooking this and focusing on their own selfish wants. That is the real tragedy of the Sabbath situation. (2/26/2012)